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Billy Goat leaf vacuumThe Machinery Shop draws together garden machinery products and reviews from many suppliers across the internet via their affiliate feeds.

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Featured Products

MD 5 ton electric log splitterThe MD 5 Ton Electric Log-Splitter comes replete with stand, thereby eliminating the need for uncomfortable bending and crouching.

A handle and transport-wheels combine to facilitate simple, low-effort movement to-and-from the shed; while a safety-switching system requires both hands to be clear of the mechanism for operation so as to virtually eliminate any possibility of accidental injury.

This model is driven by a high-powered and durable 1500w motor and will accept logs up to 52cm in length and 25cm in diameter.


Kawasaki back pack leaf blowerThe Kawasaki KRB-650B back-pack leaf blower high-specification 45.4cc two-stroke engine which employs plastic cowling and a glass-wool lined muffler in order to keep noise levels at a minimum.

A high-capacity air-filter provides maximum protection to key parts, in turn ensuring a lengthy engine life; while a transparent fuel-tank means you can see at a glance when a top-up stop is imminent.

The Kawasaki KRB-650B moves a huge 16.5m3 of air each minute at a speed of up to 281.5km/h.